Supportive School Environment

Holy Rosary Catholic School commits itself to providing a supportive school environment that values the rights and individuality of each student whilst ensuring dignity, respect and safety for all.

The procedures we have set in place are based on the belief that:

  • We can work together to build a positive learing environment, where everyone's well being is considered and respected and everyone feels included , connected and safe.
  • All students are active participants in their own learning and wellbeing, developing their social and emotional skills to be respectful, resilient and safe.
  • We can actively teach the knowledge and skills associated with positive behaviour and interactions between students.

We have a range of wellbeing programs and procedures for behaviour management that aid teachers in teaching the skills needed by students to flourish at school.

School Wide Approaches

  • The development of whole school policies and procedures.
  • Child safe organisation requirements and practices.
  • An explicitly taught Social and Emotional Program using such resources as Positive Detectives, Bounce Back and Circle Time.
  • A Commitment to the RULER Approach for social and emotional wellbeing.
  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Support approach.
  • Analysis of data collected evidence from behaviour incidents.
  • A commitment to Professional Learning and training of staff in Team Teach and trauma informed practice.
  • The Making Jesus Real and Spirit of Jesus programs.
  • A Wellbeing Team which meets fortnightly.

Group Approaches

  • The Rainbows Program - for those dealing with grief or difficult family circumstances.
  • mapali - our sensory space.
  • riyawina - social and life skills groups.
  • intervention groups.
  • Reflection Room - for those needing a break from the playground.
  • School Counsellor working with small groups.

Individual Approaches

  • School Wide Positive Behaviour.
  • 6 to 1 positives.
  • Major and Minor incidents logged and managed.
  • School Counsellor working with individual students.

Wellbeing Team

At Holy Rosary we are committed to having a Wellbeing Team that focuses on supporting students and staff to work towards feeling safe and valued. The Wellbeing Team is made up of the Principal, Deputy Principal, School Counsellor and Leadership Team. It meets once a fortnight to discuss new issues, follow up or ongoing matters and formulate individual or school wide procedures for students, class groups or grades.


mapali (meaning calm space) is a sensory space that is utilised to support student's physical and mental wellbeing. mapali promotes emotional health and wellbeing through the provision of a calm, safe and private space for students to regulate their emotions and meet their sensory needs.


Holy Rosary Catholic School facilitates counsellors from CatholicCare Tasmania. Our counsellors work collaboratively with students and their families to provide support and intervention for issues that are impacting on a student's educational, social and emotional progress at school. Our school counsellors are also able to liaise with external providers, community agencies and other professionals to ensure that each student is receiving the support that they need. Parents who wish to refer their children for counselling are asked to complete a form that will allow the counsellor to obtain necessary information about the presenting issues.

Behaviour Management

At Holy Rosary we classify inappropriate and unsafe behaviours or reations into Minor or Major Level categories. If a student, staff member or someone from the school community communicates that an incident has occurred, in or out of class, the responsible staff member will identify which category the behaviour falls into and would then follow the necessary procedures outlined in the Behaviour Management Flowchart below.