Susan McGann

Deputy Principal

Gabrielle Fisher

Assistant Principal Religious Education

Libby Piesse

Early Years Coordinator

Belinda Parker

Student Support - Learning Needs

Nicole Taylor

Literacy Coordinators

Zoe Walter and Adrienne Reeve

Extended Learning K - 2

Michelle Hibberd

Extended Learning 3-6

Michelle Hibberd

Aboriginal Support Key Teacher

Benjamin Johnson

Daily Organiser and Special Projects

Adrienne Reeve

Digital Tech Assistant

Brandon van Tienen


Adrienne Reeve


Claire Williams

Physical Education Kindergarten - Grade 6

Ben Johnson


Donna French

Di Bourke

Business Manager

Sue Reardon

Office Administrators

Jacki Jones

Sharon Goldsworthy

Emily Berry

Enrolment Officer

Sharon Goldsworthy

Uniform Shop Manager

Jacki Jones

Utility Officers

Damian Riza
Terry Jones


Rowena Conacher


Alison Lange

Kylie McIntyre

Sport Trainee

James Bourke

Grade 6 Blue

Brent Pearce
Brad Hastie

Grade 6 Maroon

Matt Luttrell

Garde 5 Blue

John Rickwood

Grade 5 Maroon

Shona Martin

Grade 4 Maroon

Angela Spotswood

Grade 4 Blue

Matt Beven

Grade 3 Maroon

Michelle Hibberd

Grade 3 Blue

Donna French

Grade 2 Maroon

Liz Mason

Grade 2 Blue

Zoe Walter

Grade 1 Blue

Sophie Bridges
Renee Ludwig

Grade 1 Maroon

Therese Taylor
Renee Ludwig

Prep Maroon

Krystal Grundy
Amrita Sarker

Prep Blue

Lisa Cooper
Amrita Sarker

Kinder Maroon

Jessica George

Kinder Blue

Tom Choraziak

Set up for Success - The Village

Jessica George


Teaching Assistants

Lisa Machin

Vanessa West

Mandy B

Sally Browning

Clare Garlick

Suzie Askey-Doran

Raegan Rajpal

Danielle Previdi

Lillian Cooke

Belinda McCreghan

Olivia French

Chelsea Browning

Micaela Maui

Hailey Peters

Danielle Sertori

Millie Cooke

Sophie Johnson