School House Teams



The House name D’Arcy is named after Archbishop Joseph Eric D’Arcy. He was a great philosopher and spent 20 years as an academic at the University of Melbourne, before becoming the Archbishop of Sale, Victoria. He then replaced Guidlford Young as the Archbishop of Hobart. He served as Archbishop of Hobart from 1988 - 1999.


D’Arcy Spirit Animal/Totem

The larila represents the unique, diverse and fragile world we live in. It is a creature with marvellous adaptations and survival instincts. Whilst a relatively shy and introverted creature it is loyal to its family and its venomous spur and electroreception skills make it a truly remarkable Australian native animal. 




The house Doyle is named after Archbishop Adrian Leo Doyle. He was the first Tasmanian born Archbishop of Hobart. He attended multiple catholic schools in Hobart before heading to Corpus Christi College in Werribee to study for the priesthood. He succeeded Archbishop Joseph D’Arcy in 1999 and served as Archbishop of Hobart until 2013.


Doyle Spirit Animal/Totem

The purinina or Tasmanian Devil is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial. It is an iconic symbol of lutriwita (Tasmania). It’s distinctive growl, pitch black fur and vice like jaw strength make this creature a symbol of the wild, untamed brilliance of lutriwita (Tasmania). Though threatened by numerous perils, it stands strong, retaining its place as an icon of the Tasmanian wilderness.  



The House Young is named after Archbishop Guildford Clyde Young. At 31 he became the youngest Bishop in the world when he was ordained Auxillary Bishop of Canberra/Goulburn in 1948. In 1955 he succeede Archbishop Tweedy as Archbishop of Hobart. A position he remained in until 1988. Under his leadership within Tasmania he opened 28 new Catholic schools. He would receive a knighthood for his services to the Church and wider community in 1979.  


Young spirit animal/totem

The karina or Wedge tail eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey, an iconic symbol of power and grace. It glides above lutritiwita’s varied landscapes, traversing timtumili minanya (the Derwent River) utilising its exceptional exceptional eyesight and powerful talons to hunt its prey.