Student Health

HealthHoly Rosary Catholic School is committed to supporting student health care needs, and promoting health wellbeing. Our School is aware how important health is to all our school community.

Move Well Eat Well

The MWEW program includes the promotion of six healthy messages:
Tap into Water Every Day, Plant Fruit and Veg in your Lunchbox, Limit Occasional Foods, Move, Play and Go, Turn off Switch to Play, Stride and Ride

Students in every grade are encouraged to have a drink bottle with only water in it during the day. Students also have a set fruit break, during class time where they are encouraged to have a piece of fruit.

Our canteen “The Healthy Hut” carries “Gold Accreditation” offering a variety of products that are healthy and varied.

Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Allergies

If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, or an allergy or allergies it is imperative that you advise the Principal as soon as you become aware of the medical issue, or if your child’s allergy status changes. If your child is diagnosed with a risk of anaphylaxis the School requires a current Anaphylaxis Plan detailing the recommended actions required to keep your child safe. You can use the following forms:

Click Here To View Asthma Plan
Click Here To View Anaphylaxis Plan
Click Here To View Allergy Plan

The following websites may be useful: 

Prescribed medication

If your child requires prescribed medication to be administered within school hours please notify the school office. A Permission form needs to be completed prior to the administration of the medication. A record is kept of each dose and is available on request.

Communicable Diseases

There are many communicable diseases that affect children, young people, and staff. Parents should advise the school immediately if their child is suffering from a communicable disease to prevent the spread but also to keep your child safe. Children are to be excluded from school if suffering from:

Measles/Rubella, Infectious Hepatitis, Whooping Cough, Impetigo (School sores), Ringworm, Chicken Pox, Mumps, and Conjunctivitis

Children who are known to be, or suspected of being unwell, should not be sent to school.

Head Lice

Head Lice outbreaks often occur during school terms. If your child has head lice please treat according to the treatment instructions. Children should be excluded from school until treatment has started. More information can be found here

Sun Safety

Holy Rosary Catholic School takes sun safety seriously encouraging children to learn about protecting themselves from the sun. We prefer each student to provide their own sunscreen to eliminate allergic reactions. Sun hats with the school logo are to be worn from September through to April of every year. Students who do not have their school sun hat are to sit on the seats in the quadrangle area or under the shade screens in the EYC for the duration of the recess / lunch break.