Important Information

Absences & Reported Lateness

At Holy Rosary Catholic School, in accordance with the Tasmanian Education Act, students are expected to attend school every day unless there is a reasonable excuse for non-attendance. Please notify the school via the Compass App before 9:00am should your child be absent or late or alternatively concation the office by phone or email. If absences are unexplained, parents will receive a text mesage notification through the Compass student management system and will be contact by the school office to explain the absence from school.

Parents are asked to advise the school in writing if students will be absent for a period of 10 days or more on holiday. The Principal and class teachers will monitor continued and unexplained absences of students and follow a set protocol for absences. Repeated lateness interferes with your child's progress and leads to the formation of undesirable habits as well as interruption to the class. Parents should alwasy explain the reason for lateness.

Acceptable Use of Images

Catholic Education Tasmania's Acceptable Use of Images document can be viewed here.

Accidents & Ill Health (during school hours)

Parents or nominated emergency contacts are contacted if accidents or ill health occur to children during school hours, so that students may be taken home or taken for appropriate medical attention. Please ensure that your contact details are kept up to date.

AON Australia provides personal accident cover for students. 

Allergy Aware

Holy Rosary Catholic School is an Allergy Aware site. You are asked to ensure that the following items are NOT in student lunch boxes:

  • Any nuts or nut products
  • Peanut butter
  • Products that contain nuts listed as an ingredient (this includes some muesli bars, biscuits and spreads)
  • Whole eggs such as egg sandwiches or boiled eggs

There are students in our school who suffer a LIFE-THREATENING allergy to peanuts and nuts and eggs. Even exposure to a tiny amount of these items could be potentially serious and life threatening. In addition we have students who are highly allergic to dogs and other animals. We, the staff and parent community, strive to provide a safe environment for all our students. We therefore ask your co-operation. We recognise that this may be an inconvenience for you, but please realise how important your co-operation is. We would take the same care should your child have such a health care need.

Thank you for your consideration and support in this matter.


Assemblies are held fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon at 1:45pm. Dates are advertised on the school calendar and in the newsletter.

Breakfast Club

We are blessed to be part of such a supportive Claremont Community. Woolworth's and Banjo's Bakery Claremont support our weekly breakfast program. Breakfast Club is held in the Student Hub every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:50am - 8:20am.

Bus Routes

Metro Tasmania provides school bus services on a limited basis.  More information can be found here.

Calows provide a service to and from Brighton, they can be contacted on 0400 570 036 for further information.

Canteen - The Healthy Hut

At Holy Rosary Catholic School “The Healthy Hut” Canteen is open on a Thursday and Friday to meet the needs of our school community.

The Canteen is a registered food business with the Glenorchy City Council and offers a healthy and varied canteen menu for lunch orders and counter sales.

How to Order

Orders can be placed in two ways:

Online Orders

Via the smartphone QKR App

Order via Classroom Canteen Bucket

Please clearly write details of the order, including the name and grade of the student, on a brown paper bag and enclose the correct money. Orders may be placed in the Canteen Bucket located in the classroom in the morning.

Nuts and Eggs

Please note that whilst the Canteen is nut and egg aware, some items may contain traces of nuts or eggs that we may not be aware of.

Click here to view the Allergy Aware Status

Court Orders

Where the school is provided with documentation regarding particular Court Orders that are in place, the school will make every effort to ensure that such Orders are adhered to in accordance with the conditions outlined.  Parents are advised that the school will under no circumstances take sides in such matters and can only act on the directions given by a Court of Law.  It is up to the parents concerned to resolve the legal aspects in such cases and to provide the school with written proof of any alterations to decisions, as handed down by the Courts.

Extended Holidays

Families wishing to take their child/ren out of school for a holiday longer than 2 weeks must send an email or letter to the school requesting this absence. Upon receipt of your correspondence the school will reply with a written acknowledgement to your request.

Grievances & Complaints

Respectful relationships for all in our community are valued and enhance the promotion of student learning and wellbeing. Parents are asked to please discuss any concerns with the teacher, Leadership Team or Principal. The Grievance Policy has further details.


Holy Rosary Catholic School supports the immunisation of children from preventable childhood illnesses. 

Children are to be excluded from school if suffering from:

  • Measles/Rubella
  • Infectious hepatitis
  • Whooping cough
  • Impetigo (school sores - until sores are treated and covered)
  • Ringworm
  • Chicken-pox
  • Mumps
  • Head Lice (until treated)
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Covid 19

Children who are known to be, or suspected of being ill should not be sent to school.

Jewellery / Hair / Nails

Acceptable jewellery and accessories that may be worn at school events where students are representatives of Holy Rosary Catholic School include:-

  • One set of earrings, being plain studs or sleepers (not both). Studs are preferred for safety reasons. 
  • A watch.
  • A signet ring.
  • One bangle i.e: gold or silver Baptism / Christening keepsake.
  • One Christian symbol worn around the neck i.e: cross.

Hair is to be of an acceptable, appropriate and non-radical style (this includes shaved symbols into the hair) or colour for primary school students and, if longer than collar length, must be tied back using only blue, maroon or white ribbons, bands or clips (boys and girls). Hair should also be tied back to avoid the possibility of transmitting head lice from one child to another.

Students are not to wear coloured or design nail polish or nail extensions.

Kiss & Drop

Kiss & Drop provides the opportunity for parents to drop their children off safely at the school without needing to park their car. Children using Kiss & Drop should be ready to exit their car upon pulling into one of the drop zones with their bag and all possessions. If needed, the teacher on duty will help your child get out of the car and put their back to walk down to the classroom. This teacher will be on duty between 8:20am and 8:45am. Parents are asked not to get out of their car to help their child. For this reason Kiss & Drop may not be suitable for Kindergarden or Prep students who still require this assistance.


Our library empowers every member of our school community to become lifelong learners who develop a lasting love of reading. Our library contains an extensive range of high quality, current and relevant print and non-print resources appropriate to the social, cultural, emotional and educational needs of our students.

By encouraging children to read, you:

  • Inspire children and young people to love books and reading
  • are rewarded with the chance to explore books and have fun doing so
  • Raise awareness about how important reading is as a life skill
  • Encourage families and parents to read with their children every day

As parents you can play a big role in your child's reading development by:

  • Reading with your child every day
  • Encouraging reading at home and school
  • Talking about books with your child
  • Making reading a family affair
  • Joining your local LINC or library where you can borrow a great range of books for free

Our library is located within the school grounds , and all students have the opportunity during the week to borrow books or resources.

Parents are asked to support teachers in promoting the care of books. It is the responsibility of parents to replace lost or damaged books. All children should have a library bag. Students may also borrow and return books at other times during the week.

Holy Rosary Catholic School supports:

Book Club

Book Club catalogues go home on a monthly basis and your child has the opportunity to choose a book to purchase. For more information click here

Book Week 2024

Book week will run from 17 August to 23 August 2024.

Lost Property

Lost propety is located in the School Office foyer. Clear naming of all articles, including clothing, lunch boxes, drink flasks, books & stationery, ensures property can be returned to its owner. 

Messages to Students

If it is necessary for an urgent message to be passed on to your child/children, please notify the office staff prior to 2:30pm.

Parking & School Crossing

Please observe signs outside of the school. There is insufficient space for parent parking in the school grounds during school hours. Parking is available in the vacant block adjacent to the St.Bernard's Church and behind the shopping centre in Wyndham Road. Please do not park directly in front of the shops in the shopping centre. 

Children and their families must use the crossing in Wyndham Road. A Crossing Guard is on duty each morning and afternoon. Please observe the road rules.

QKR! App

The preferred method of purchse of uniform and canteen orders at Holy Rosary Catholic School is through the QKR! App.

Throughout the year other school payments may also be made available through this app, such as fundraisers or extra curricular activities.

Click Here To View Our QKR Instructions

Riding to School

Students who ride bikes or scooters to and from school are required to wear helmets. The rack for bikes and scooters to be left during school times is located outside the Grade 6 classroom.

Student Valuables & Mobile Phones

Students are discouraged from bringing “valuable” items to school.  Mobile phones must be handed to the Class Teacher by 8.40am and may be collected at 2.50pm. Staff members are not responsible for the safety of students’ personal items.

Signing Out

All students leaving the school during school hours must be signed out via the kiosk at the school office. Childern will then be called to the office for collection to assist with minimal disruption to the rest of the class. If a parent needs to go to the classroom they will need to obtain a purple check out card from the school office. The card must be provided to the class teacher before the student will be released from class.

Working with Vulnerable People

Volunteers in Catholic Education schools cannot commence volunteering until they have received a satisfactory WWVP Check. Please refer to the following website for further information.