Extra Curricular Activities



Music education is an integral part of the Australian National Curriculum and is a core learning area experienced by all students. At Holy Rosary Catholic School we believe that every child can succeed in music. A positive and supportive environment is provided to encourage active learning. The classroom music program uses a cumulative, sequential and developmental approach to the teaching and learning of musical skills and concepts. Students participate in a range of activities including reading, writing, creating, presenting and responding to music through the use of body movement, vocal and instrumental work.

We offer a School Choir for students Year 3 – 6 and percussion group

Camps and Excursions

Each class group organises, and arranges their own excursions throughout the year.  All information for parents is provided through the Compass Parent Portal under the Event Tab.  Permission for minor excursions is given through the enrolment process.  Permission for major excursions will be communicated through the Compass Parent Portal and can be given online through the Event tab for your child. 

Grades 3 through to 5 attend annual camps for a period of one night or two night stays at either Orford, Dysart, Port Arthur, Dover or other similar school camp places. Students can experience a number of activities and team events.

Grade 6 experience an Activity Week in Term 4 which includes an overnight camp, team building activities, beach walks, and surfing fun, to name a few.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their time at Holy Rosary Catholic School together one last time.   


Apart from Physical Education classes throughout the year there is the opportunity to be involved in a number of extra curricular sporting activities. These include:

Milo Cricket Image

Gymnastics, Tennis, Football, Netball, Soccer, Milo 20 Cricket, Basketball, Golf and Bowls.  


Holy Rosary Catholic School offers a learn to swim program for all Grades from Prep to Grade 6 in a two week block for the Y3 – Y6 in Term 1 and Prep – Gr 2 in Term 4. The school has a swimming carnival in Term 1 and also participates in the inter-school swimming carnival.

Cross Country

Our school also has athletic carnivals, and cross country carnivals and participates in inter-school athletic carnivals.