Parent Involvement


Holy Rosary Catholic School has a very strong community spirit, welcoming all family members, not just the student. Parents, Guardians, and Carers are very welcome at the school and are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's school life by:

  • Joining us for Assemblies
  • Joining us for Mass
  • Participating in Fundraising and Social Events
  • Helping with Fundraising Events during the year
  • Nominating to be part of the School Board
  • Volunteering to help out in the classrooms
  • Assisting at excursions
  • Helping at Sporting activities and carnivals

All volunteers in the school with direct contact with students are required to have a Working with Vulnerable People Check. This must be obtained through the Justice Department website.

Click Here to visit the Justice website

School Board

The Holy Rosary Catholic School Board assists the Principal in the management of the school. A critical element of the stewardship that the Board exercises is the responsible supervision of school resources. Schools are becoming increasingly complex organisations and have a demanding set of accountabilities. The Board performs a valuable service to our school community by ensuring, as appropriate at Board level, that our school meets its obligations in each of these areas. In practice, this means that, in a spirit of partnership, our Board acts as adviser to the School Leadership Team. The Holy Rosary School Board Constitution, Section 3.4, states that the responsibilities of the Board are:

  • To advise on and assist with the formulation of policy for the conduct of the School in line with TCEC/TCEO policies and Governing Council directives;
    To co-operate with and support the Principal in maintaining the School as an institute of Catholic Education;
  • To contribute and assist, where possible, on matters regarded as major initiatives and/or changes;
  • To liaise with the local Parish Priest/s and/or Parish Pastoral Council/s, in matters of mutual concern to the School and Parish/s;
  • To participate in, and co-operate with, the School on the planning, research, development, implementation and evaluation of the School’s Strategic Plan;
  • To contribute to the planning and management of maintenance and building programs necessary for the recurrent and long-term welfare and effective development of the School; and
  • To oversee the finances of the School and the prudent use of funds, according to the provisions of this Constitution and the directions of the TCEO.

The Holy Rosary Catholic School Board consists of nine elected members from the school community, the Parish Priest, Father Suresh and the school Principal, Mrs Susan McGann.

The Holy Rosary Catholic School Board meets monthly on the second or third Monday of each month at 6.00pm.

School Assemblies

Assemblies are held fortnightly and play a vital part in maintaining the sense of community that assists in making our school a wonderful place to be.

Students assemble in St Bernard’s Hall for whole school assemblies every second Wednesday at 1.45 pm. Students sit in prearranged areas under the direct supervision of their class teacher.

Assembly is conducted by members of a grade level team and included in the assembly is an Acknowledgement of Country, prayer led by the nominated class focusing on a specific feature or a specific day in the liturgical calendar, various items showcasing what is occurring in classroom, with presentation of awards and notices.

Parents are always welcome at our assemblies.

It is important to note the following essential agreement on behaviour at school assemblies:

  • We walk quietly and show our independence by sitting and listening.
  • We respect the people who are talking to us by listening.
  • We show empathy by sitting quietly and listening.
  • We cooperate with our teachers and each other.
  • We show confidence when we speak at assembly.
  • We listen to the teacher conducting the assembly and wait until we are dismissed.