Enrolment - Kindergarten

kinder enrolment

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Enrolments are accepted for our Kindergarten classes during first term of the school year prior to commencing Kindergarten. If you have a child to enrol or know of someone who does, please pass this information onto him or her. The Education Act states that Kindergarten students must turn four years of age on or before the 1st January of the year commencing Kinder.

Please contact the school office (6275 5200) for an enrolment form, or download here.   Please return the completed and signed original enrolment form to the school office, together with all relevant documentation.  If you are applying to more than 1 Catholic school please download and complete the Southern Enrolment Preference form and email to the email address listed at the bottom of this form.

Applications close at the beginning of May the year prior to enrolment.

Applicants are NOT assessed on a “First In First Considered” basis.

Kindergarten run two streams three (3) full days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Please view the: Schedule of Fees here

2023 KINDER Uniform price list

Kindergarten Transition Program

Holy Rosary Catholic School run transition sessions for children entering Kindergarten in the following year.

The children attend the sessions with a parent or guardian for an hour and a half in Term 4. This will provide children and their families the opportunity to develop a relationship with the other children and their families and some of their child's educators for the following year.

The afternoon sessions focus on emotional, social, language, cognitive and physical development.  The Transition Program will use a variety of hands-on investigative play based work, including group time, whilst being supported and guided by parents/carers and early years' educators.

Holy Rosary Catholic School also run a Set up for Success - Birth to 5 Program, with more information available here