The Healthy Hut

At Holy Rosary Catholic School “The Healthy Hut” Canteen will be open on Thursday and Friday to meet the needs of our school community.

A variety of healthy products will be available to our students, most of these products are prepared and cooked in our school canteen.

We offer a healthy and varied canteen menu for lunch orders and counter sales.

The Canteen is a registered food business with the Glenorchy City Council and is located on the school premises in the quadrangle outside the Administration building.

How to Order

Orders can be placed in two ways:

Online Orders

Via the smartphone QKR App

Order via Classroom Canteen Bucket

Please clearly write details of the order, including the name and grade of the student, on a brown paper bag and enclose the correct money. Orders may be placed in the Canteen Bucket located in the classroom in the morning.

Nuts and Eggs

Please note that whilst the Canteen is nut and egg aware, some items may contain traces of nuts or eggs that we may not be aware of.

Click here to view the Allergy Aware Status

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety refers to the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies. This includes privacy and information protection, respectful communication and knowing how to get help to deal with online issues. Common cyber safety issues include:

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Sexting
  • Identity theft
  • Predatory behaviour

Cyber safety issues most commonly occur through a student’s use of their own technology device, for example, smart phone, tablet, laptop, home computer.

Holy Rosary Catholic School recognises its duty to students to provide a safe and positive learning environment which includes the responsible use of information and communication technologies.

Cyber Safety is a “whole of school community” approach involving students, staff and parents/carers.

Grade 3 - 6 iPad Requirement

As part of Holy Rosary Catholic School's commitment to preparing our students to learn and be successful in the digital age, it is a mandatory requirement for students in Grade 3 to 6 to have an iPad for use at school. 

Current Grade 2 parents will need to purchase an iPad ready for use in the first week of Term 1 next year

Holy Rosary Catholic School Digital Citizenship & ICT Agreement

The Student Digital Citizenship & ICT Agreement forms are issued to all Kinder to Grade 6 families as a Google Form. These are issued to all students annually and must be signed by the student (Grade 3-6) and parent to enable use of the School’s Digital Technologies and ICT. The Agreement includes information about expectations and responsibilities for using Digital Technologies and ICT, including Care and Responsibility, Internet Usage, Privacy, Netiquette and Social Networking. Please note that while all parents are required to sign for their child, only Grade 3-6 students are asked to sign as well. All students spend time with their Teacher at the start of the year discussing these responsibilities. 

Students will be unable to access Digital Technologies and ICT at Holy Rosary Catholic School unless the Student Digital Technologies and ICT Agreement has been signed for that year.

Other useful resources can be found here:

Click Here for Parent Control Guides
Click Here for further Classroom Resources


Our library empowers every member of our school community to become lifelong learners who develop a lasting love of reading. Our library contains an extensive range of high quality, current and relevant print and non-print resources appropriate to the social, cultural, emotional and educational needs of our students.

By encouraging children to read, you:

  • Inspire children and young people to love books and reading
  • are rewarded with the chance to explore books and have fun doing so
  • Raise awareness about how important reading is as a life skill
  • Encourage families and parents to read with their children every day

As parents you can play a big role in your child's reading development by:

  • Reading with your child every day
  • Encouraging reading at home and school
  • Talking about books with your child
  • Making reading a family affair
  • Joining your local LINC or library where you can borrow a great range of books for free

Our library is located within the school grounds , and all students have the opportunity during the week to borrow books or resources.

Parents are asked to support teachers in promoting the care of books. It is the responsibility of parents to replace lost or damaged books. All children should have a library bag. Students may also borrow and return books at other times during the week.

Holy Rosary Catholic School supports:

Book Club

Book Club catalogues go home on a monthly basis and your child has the opportunity to choose a book to purchase. For more information click here

Book Week 2024

Book week will run from 17 August to 23 August 2024.