All following information can be found in our Grade parent handbook


Student absences are to be reported to the School Office prior to 8.45am.

Medical Certificates are required for student absences of 5 or more days due to ill health, unless advised by the Principal.

Families wishing to take their child/ren out of school for a holiday longer than 2 weeks need to send an email or letter to the school requesting this absence for their child/ren. Upon receipt of your correspondence the school will reply with a written acknowledgement to your request.

Appointments - Parents must sign student out/in at Office upon collection/return. If a person other than a parent is collecting the student, notification must be provided to the Class Teacher or Office staff, and identification shown.

Accident Insurance

AON Australia provides personal accident cover for students.

Information is available here.

Before and After School

Supervision of students commences at 8.25am and concludes at 3.10pm.

If, due to extraordinary circumstances, students are at school outside of these hours, parents are strongly encouraged to enrol them in Outside School Hours Care. Information regarding this service is available at CatholicCare Tasmania

All students on site between 8.15am and 8.25am who are not attending Outside School Hours Care are to report immediately to the quadrangle.

If arrangements are made with other adults to collect a student, steps are to be taken to ensure that the student/s and their Class Teacher/s have been informed of the arrangement.

Students should not be on school grounds outside of staff supervised hours.

Bus Routes

Metro Tasmania provides school bus services on a limited basis.  More information can be found here.

Calows provide a service to and from Brighton, they can be contacted on 0400 570 036 for further information.

Late Arrivals

If a student arrives later than 8.40am, he/she or the parent are required to sign in at the School Office.

Lost property

All “found” items are temporarily held at the School Office and if unclaimed, are disposed of after a reasonable amount of time, generally, at the end of each Term.

Medical Information

Parents are reminded of the importance of providing current medical information in regard to students.    This is of particular urgency in situations where a student may have severe health issues such as anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes or heart conditions that require specific management plans.  Relevant details are to be provided to the School Office.  Refer to our Student Health page.

Messages to Students

If it is necessary for an urgent message to be passed on to your child/children, notification is to be provided to Office staff prior to 2.30pm.

Student valuables

Students are discouraged from bringing “valuable” items to school.  Mobile phones must be handed to the Class Teacher by 8.40am and may be collected at 2.50pm. Staff members are not responsible for the safety of students’ personal items.

Casual Dress Days

Casual Dress Days are held occasionally as advertised in the newsletter.  These are occasionally held to raise funds for various worthy causes.  No singlets, midriffs or thongs are permitted on these days.

Court Orders

Where the school is provided with documentation regarding particular Court Orders that are in place, the school will make every effort to ensure that such Orders are adhered to in accordance with the conditions outlined.  Parents are advised that the school will under no circumstances take sides in such matters and can only act on the directions given by a Court of Law.  It is up to the parents concerned to resolve the legal aspects in such cases and to provide the school with written proof of any alterations to decisions, as handed down by the Courts.

School Photos

Professional class, individual and family photos are taken each year.  Parents who wish to purchase photos must order and pay for them before they are taken.  Details are sent home as soon as they are received from the photographer.